Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I. Elements of Design

Symmetrical Balance – shapes mirrored across either side of an axis. Equilibrium, communicating calm and stability.

Radial Symmetry – shapes mirrored simultaneously across vertical and horizontal axis. Center is main focal point. Design radiates from the center.

Asymmetrical Balance – equilibrium but doesn’t mirror over an axis. Stable, dynamic, chaotic. However all the shapes manage to balance each other out.

Proportion – relative size of visual elements inside an image. Compared to other things within the image.

Scale – size of something when compared to our own human height.

Rhythm – deliberate pattern is made. Gives a sense of movement.

Emphasis – prominence/attention is given to a certain part of a piece. Used to attract attention and increase visual impact. By isolation, placement, and through contrast.

Contrast – 2 or more forces operate in contrast to each other.

Repetition – same visual elements are used over and over.

Variety – is difference. One of the corner points of composition. It’s opposite is unity.

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