Wednesday, September 16, 2009

II. Line and Space

Actual Lines – Describes complex forms simply and eloquently.

Implied lines – suggest connection. View becomes actively involved.

Closure – inclination to connect fragmentary information. Some shapes clearly defined while others merge with the background.

Vertical Lines – Lines that travel up and down as opposed to left and right.

Horizontal lines – Lines that travel left and right. Parallel to the horizon.

Strait line – little space/narrow.

Curved line – a line that is not straight.

Diagonal line – not vertical but also not horizontal. Someplace in-between.

Sight Lines –viewing line established by arrangement of objects within one’s field of vision.

Space – Area within or around a form of substance.

Presence and Absence in space – Being within a space or not there at all.

Opened and Closed space – Open to the outside space with no polygon containing it. Closed within a shape.

Kinetic Form – a form in motion or relating to motion.

Proximity – distance between visual or structural elements or between and object and the audience.

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